art contemporain

it is there, always ready to materialize

Olivier Borneyvski

Towards an everlasting art
Non-object works dream about themselves throughout a period scattered with internal events.  They build up on casual contacts, they grow up through many conflicts, they store fragmental feelings.   Looking endlessly for potentials, Non-Object works feed themselves as much on the indifference shown to them as the interest they might arouse. 

Rank of Non-Object events in Contemporary Art
Contemporary Art must ask the onlooker to change himself into an onlooker/actor in front of the piece he is looking at.  This active posture gives the onlooker full powers on the piece which he can build or destroy at leisure.   To get thus far, the artist had to go through a number of filters (economical, political, administrative) which, although having not altered the piece, have directed or even launched it.  The NON-OBJECT tries to shed light on this development.   Thus, any person from a private or public organization,  met or implied in the creative process of a piece, is considered as co-author of that piece.  The breakdown into the main components of each movement, action or contact, becomes as many events setting up the basis of a potential piece called NON-OBJECT.

To see a few Non-Object pieces undergoing trials

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